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GEHA Insurance Review


Federal employees and their families are eligible to enroll in the various GEHA insurance plans. GEHA offers dental, vision and health coverage. In addition to this, eligible applicants also qualify for prescription discounts, gym memberships and well-child care. In order to enroll, applicants must visit the GEHA Web site, find the link for joining the company and choose the following link that shows how to enroll. Applicants have the choice to add complete coverage. Customer service associates are available to assist with any questions or concerns.

GEHA Insurance - What's Covered

GEHA insurance plans for health coverage vary in their inclusions. There are plans that offer a high deductible, which are perfect for families with tight budgets. Those who don't require extensive medical care often benefit from these plans. There are also plans that have very extensive coverage. The Standard Option is the most popular choice because it is a well-rounded plan. Lab work is completely covered. There is a $10 copay for doctor visits, and the copay for generic prescriptions is $5. Medicare members can combine this policy with their current A or B coverage. This deductible-free plan features a 50% discount for dental care. Vision care is included, and members enjoy discounts for contacts and glasses.


There are two different types of GEHA insurance plans for dental services. The Connection Dental Federal Plan offers a generous maximum annual benefit amount of $4,000 with the High Option. The maximum annual benefit for the Standard Option is $1,200. There is no deductible for either plan, and members are welcome to see any dentist. Vision care is included for no additional amount. Members who choose the High Option pay less of a percentage for basic and advanced services. However, members who choose the Standard Option usually pay 50% or more of the total cost of the same services.

GEHA Insurance - Medications

Individuals who must take regular medications benefit from GEHA insurance for prescriptions. There are several different plans to choose from. Each one includes different benefits. Members may choose from the Standard Option Savings Plan, High Option Savings Plan or Health Savings Advantage Plan. Regardless of the policy chosen, members enjoy better benefits by using the services of a Medco Pharmacy. However, prescriptions purchased at a regular pharmacy are still eligible for discounts. Regular and specialty medications are covered through these plans. People who must take specialty medications regularly usually benefit the most from the three-tiered structure of the High Option GEHA insurance plan.

Published: July 14, 2011. Written By: Sarah.

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